Wednesday 8 September 2010

My favourite quilts at Harrogate

This first quilt is made by my friend Joan. It was made for her Grandaughter to celebrate family holidays in Southwold. Hence it is called 'The Southwold Quilt'. It is completely hand made, pieced, appliqued and quilted.
I was disappointed that the judges did not recognise the skill that had gone into this quilt. I did manage to persuade Joan to enter and I am really glad she did - the quilt looked stunning Joan!

My other favourite is this traditional tumbling blocks quilt made by Gill Young. I have a love hate relationship with tumbling blocks and I will make one someday probably for my eldest son who loves this design and used it in his graphic design studies.
When I go to quilt shows there are some quilts which just shout out to me and this was one of them.
Here is a close up - as you can see the black diamond is always in the same position but the others seem to be completely random.
This quilt won the award for Scrap Quilt and Judges Merit.
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chris, milatos said...

My favourite is the seaside quilt. Such fun. The tumbling blocks is eyecatching.

Cheryl Willis said...

tumb.blocks is one that I have not had the desire to do either. I enjoy seeing others but it just is not for me. I like the way the black is on the right and the lights are on the top. draws my eye across the top.
the seaside quilt is so fun, I bet the viewers enjoyed getting to see it. cw

Linda said...

I love Joan's quilt! It is so colorful and fun!
I wish I were there to see it in person! Its always fun to see that people halfway across the world are having fun doing the same things we are!

The HP at Union said...

now that is a super cool quilt.

Rachel said...

Joan's quilt stood out to me too, I thought it was fab and well done to you for persuading her to enter. See you at college x

Jordan said...

OMG!!! They are beautiful :D

LuAnn said...

I never tire of looking at photos from quilt shows. I love the Dear Janes also as I just finished my Jane top not long ago. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

Heckety said...

Wow these two are amazing! I love the Southwold Quilt, its just so happy! I once tried the tumbling blocks pattern but gave up very quickly- although I love to look at them, I found it so annoying to make! Let me know whenever you start yours and you can have my bit of UFO to add to it!

anthea said...

Joan's quilt in georgous, is it a pattern or her own design? I love it.