Tuesday, 25 March 2008

My first Dear Jane blocks

We are now back home so it is time to catch up with the Dear Jane blocks I have missed. We were delayed 24 hours in Philadelphia due to bad weather and our bags were missing in action for 3 days but now everything is sorted. Only problem now is adjusting back to the time change - at first I couldn't stop falling asleep but now I can't go to sleep! Anyway we had a fantastic time so I'm not complaining.
Since the Dear Jane challenge started we have been given 7 blocks to complete. Here are the first three, the next 4 to follow asap.

The first two very straight forward. The third one much more complex - I decided to piece two circle within a square blocks and then chop them up. This worked well except for the fact that my maths was not quite right so my circular area is smaller than it should be. I don't think this matters though as my block is still the correct 5 inches.
Believe it or not I am getting ready to go on holiday again - this time it is our yearly visit to Scotland with my parents and two sons. We leave on Thursday - loads of washing and ironing to do before then!

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Anina said...

Woohoo! You are catching up quickly. I like your way for the Mirror Image block.