Monday, 12 January 2009

Cupcake Artwork.

Each City & Guilds piece has to be accompanied with a workbook where you record things like design brief, construction notes, evaluation and of course artwork.

I have photographed some of my art work as I like to have a record on the blog of all the work I have done.

This artwork was my original design that I have now abandoned. It is done using string printing.

This one is a collage done with funky foam and corrugated cardboard.

This final piece was done using the string print again but this time with pastels. This is the one that caused me to change my mind yet again as I loved it so much I decided to make it into a wallhanging.

It reminded me of an Andy Warhol painting - I made the quilt top and took it to college - I could not decide if I liked it or not when I saw it made up. Anyway the consensus was that it worked so I was really pleased. I can't show it yet as it is all tacked and ready for quilting so I will have to leave you in suspense for now!

I have really moved out of my comfort zone with this one as it is so different from what I normally do. However this does mean that I am growing as a quilt designer and learning more about the types of design I like. All great reasons to be doing the City & Guilds course.

The moral of this tale - ALWAYS do your artwork and loads of designs on paper before you start sewing!!

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Jude said...

Gosh,I'm so pleased for you. You really seem to be enjoying your course and learning a huge amount. Keep going.... I look forward to the next post.