Wednesday, 25 June 2008


How the words 'free machine quilting' or FMQ strike fear into many a quilters' heart. Well I am no exception!
I used a brick wall as my source material and we were told to use each 'brick' to do a different example of FMQ.
My artwork is painted hand made paper which I used as a template for my sample. I painted some plain calico with fabric paint to represent the bricks and then experimented with different FMQ patterns. The main problem was that my fabric paint is very thick so my machine needle struggled to get through it. Not a great start for a beginner but I was determined to continue as I was quite pleased with the effect of my painted fabric.

The photos show different views of the piece. Although it is a bit drab in my opinion - it did get a lot of compliments in class!
I am currently trying to finish module 5 with 3 samples to go and just 2 days! So watch this space because it is my aim to get all my samples posted in the next few weeks.

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