Monday 2 June 2008

A New Bag and a Birthday!

The month has passed from May to June without recording two important events! Friday 30th May was DS2's 14th Birthday. I did buy him a cake but he thought it was more amusing to have his candles in his spaghetti!
I also managed to get the May BQL challenge bag completed on Thursday - so a couple of days to spare there then!.
I did enjoy making this bag and the bow tie blocks which are of course just the same as the mock cathedral window ones I did for my City & Guilds but without the added centers. I'm afraid that I used ordinary wadding so it is not a cool bag as it should be but it is a perfect fit for my A3 folders - so that is how I will use it.

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Stacy A. said...

Janet, glad to see you are still kickin'. I think I may need to start putting candles in my spaghetti, LOL. Your bag looks great. Your work in those classes is really showing! How is things going with your eldest? Only a few more weeks til it's over. You can make it. Hang in there! Love Stacy