Monday 27 October 2008

October Birthday Block Swap

Last night I completed my October Birthday Block for Ginger. She asked for a star with a separate design in the centre - mine is a pinwheel but does not stand out that much because of the subtle colours of the fabrics. Not sure which photo is best so I included both.

Ginger asked for soft shades of blue and pink and I was quite uncertain which fabrics to choose. However with a bit of research I found that she likes this fabric range - Posh by Moda. I only had a charm pack so had to mix the patterns up a bit - hope she likes it!

1 comment:

Lynda said...

It looks lovely to me. That's the advantage of using fabrics from a range, the designers have done the matching for you, so you're bound to get a harmonious result. I'm sure the recipient will be delighted.