Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Quilters Guild Quilt Museum Exhibition - Quilts in Common.

On Saturday we went to York for my first visit to the Quilters Guild Quilt Museum and Gallery. We were there for the first day of the new exhibition 'Quilts in Common'. Photos are not allowed in the gallery but I have included a couple of photos from my brochure to give you an idea of what it is like.
There are around 20 quilts on display from the International Quilt Study Centre & Museum in Nebraska USA. They are arranged in 7 groups as in the photo above and the exhibition shows how quilts from different times and countries show a common theme. A very clever idea which works very well in my opinion.
We are lucky enough to be only one hour away from York so I hope to get to as many of their exhibitions as possible. Anyway it is well worth a visit and runs until 11 January 2009.
While in York I made my first visit to a Kath Kidston shop - I just love the vintage style even if it is all a bit twee.
Just had to make a couple of frivolous purchases! I love this pin tin!
I also love this fabric - this is just a tea towel - the fabric is £18 per metre! I wonder if they ever have it on sale..................?


Jude said...

Oh wow! I love the tea towel and pin cushion, do you think my son looks at your blog...............
could be a lovely Christmas pressie

Lynda said...

WE went to the last exhbition at the Quilt Museum, 'From bed to Wall' and it was very good too. Shame you can't take pictures, as I think it would encourage more people to go and see the exhibits in person.