Monday 8 December 2008

City & Guilds Cupcake Wallhanging.

I have been at college all this last weekend so sorry posts were thin on the ground last week as I was busy working on my City & Guilds pieces.
So, not wanting to confuse anyone, I can now reveal my finished wallhanging - yes I decided to go with the alternative design!!
It is only 14 inches square so I was not sure about it being big enough but I have checked with my tutors and it is fine. The biggest problem was choosing a binding fabric but after a visit to Hobbycraft on Thursday I found the perfect fabric!
This is my scale diagram of the wallhanging.

These close ups show detail of the quilting - the cupcakes are handquilted around their shape and then I have quilted the background with seed beads. Sue, my tutor says it is more like a tying than a quilting technique
but either way I am pleased with it! She also really liked it so even better!

Finally a quilt label - this is a birthday gift for my great niece for next year. (I have NEVER had anything finished do far in advance!!!)
Thanks again to Sue for the idea of a cupcaked shape label!

In case you were wondering what I am going to do with the cupcakes I was working on? They will go into my workbook as stitched samples and I intend to make a bag and a cushion with them at a later date - so nothing will be wasted.
So is this the end of the cupcake journey........ well no!
After doing some experimental artwork I came up with another design that I liked even more!! I have decided to make that too! Details to follow shortly!
Finally a big hello to my fellow classmates who may be reading this - I know some of you do! And 'Get Well Soon' to our course leader, Diane who sprained her ankle badly this weekend after slipping on some ice and could not be with us.


Jude said...

Well done, I'm gladyou went on the alternative route.
The wall hanging looks great.

Tonya Ricucci said...

cute quilt. sorry the new cat is a Zilla, but hopefully she'll calm down soon. definitely pretty.

Angela said...

It looks great!

Davina said...

What a cute litte quilt - I had a look at your blog to give me some inspiration - am off to do some sewing now!!

Unknown said...

olá,visitando seu blog...adorei...lindos feitos...te add em meu blog ok!