Monday, 28 June 2010

Student Showcase 4

Janice's Quilt.
Janice was another beginner - another addict now!

Kath's Quilt.

Kath is an experienced quilter and also helped me greatly when I started quilting. She is a very precise quilter so I was not sure if she would like the liberated blocks but she has really enjoyed making them and has produced this lovely quilt for one of her great-neices.

Ann's Quilt.

Ann is really pleased to have completed this quilt for her grandaughter. She had started patchwork a few years ago but never really took to it. Some of the blocks on her quilt are from previous classes.

Chris's Quilt.

Chris has done lots of sewing in the past but I think this is her first quilt which she will be using as a wallhanging. She has used an automatic machine stitch to quilt the borders which has produced a lovely detail.

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Quilthaze said...

Your students quilts are wonderful Janet - not only are they very talented but they also must have a clever tutor!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Great job, students--keep up the good work!