Sunday, 29 August 2010

Two more quilts from the Festival of Quilts.

This weekend is one of those long holiday weekends here in England and tomorrow is a bank holiday. So in true tradition the weather has been dreadful! We have been away since Friday at a VW festival in Derbyshire and at lunchtime today our marquee decided to fly away due to the gale force winds. About 10 people helped us to try to rescue it and the VW models that we sell and we did eventually get home safely. So now I am having to have a 'lie down' before finishing the bindings on my competition quilts for Harrogate.

I have been amazed by how many people have been reading my FOQ reports so I have decided to share some more of my photos and thoughts.

As you know I am a Dear Jane fan and came across this quilt in the contemporary quilt category. It is called 'Confederate Jane' and was made by Penny Chattey of Stevenage. The pattern is based on the confederate flag.
Here is a detail shot - it looks as if the blocks are painted which seems like a great idea to me as some of them are a real challenge to piece!
This next quilt was one of my husband's favourites due to the subject matter. (We send a lot of our toy cars out mail order). He particularly liked the inclusion of the red rubber bands which are controversial as some posties litter our streets with them.

The quilt is called The Romance of the Envelope made by Charlotte Soares of Richmond.

Still have to share the photos of my favourite gallery from the festival. Wonder if you can guess which one I liked best?
Clue - she lives in Aberaeron, Wales!
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Dorothy said...

Your selection of photos are wonderful. Please keep them coming. It's lovely to see what others are making.

Quilthaze said...

Thanks for posting the photos Janet. I didn't get to the show this year so it's lovely to be able to see the quilts!

Penny Chattey said...

Hi - I've just seen my Dear Jane quilt on your website! None of it is painted - it is all hand pieced, even the one inch blocks in the centre. Thank you for your interest, I'm thrilled!
Penny Chattey