Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Gears Of War completed and gone to its new home.

This was how my practice piece turned out after it had dried and the stencil had been removed. This next photo shows the second 'real' piece done on a larger piece of fabric. It also shows the quilting lines. The quilt was not heavily quilted so it needed a lot of tacking to keep the layers in place.
Here is the finished quilt. It came out at just over 4 feet square - it should have been a bit longer but I had a few issues squaring up the fabric.
And here it is in its new home! We went to deliver it to Jamie last night. Jamie is on the right and Robert, my youngest son on the left.
He was very pleased to receive it and it now has pride of place on his bed. As you can see he is looking well although he still has about 6 weeks before he can go out and is having regular checks on the blood clot on his brain which they are hoping will disperse naturally.

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Jude said...

Well done, I'm glad he enjoyed it, I do hope he makes a successful recovery.