Sunday, 15 March 2009

What I have been doing - not quilting!

Over the last few days we have been out and about and I have a few photos and info about exhibitions that might be of use to people who live close enough to Barnsley. (Probably not that many of you!)
You know you are getting old when you go to a gig and its just too loud - well that's what happened to me last night! We went to see Limehouse Lizzy - a tribute to Thin Lizzy - and my ears are still ringing!

Here is a photo of the band on stage but I actually prefer the photo underneath. The music was so loud it actually knocked the bottles and glasses onto the floor! (Yes, I did actually see this with my own eyes!) Talk about a health and safety risk!Also this week we visited an exhibition on album cover art at the newly restored Civic Theatre in Barnsley.

This exhibition runs until May 1st and is well worth a visit. Also entry is free!
Below are photos of just a few of the album covers some of which brought back memories for me and show that I was not always an old fogey!

I never really liked the Happy Mondays but this sleeve is a great inspiration for a quilt!

Also on display at the Civic is this exhibition featuring photos of the Arctic Monkeys. They are a local band from Sheffield but some of them studied at Barnsley College. Talking of Barnsley College, one of the main buildings is being demolished giving me loads of great photos - here is just one of them.


Faith said...

Hi There... gosh my fella is mad on limehouse lizzy and moaned that he couldnt afford to see them glad you got to see them. I love you skull and you do one for me? for my faith and karma band which Im a rock singer of. Were not touring yet but we will do in future.
Im also a quilter and artist YAY!!

Sue Wild said...

Hi Janet
The album covers exhibition looks worth a visit. I've got tracks from Born in the USA amongst my downloads on the shuffle, which I "plug into" on my way to work! Pleased to see the college building being demolished it has looked a state.