Saturday, 19 July 2008

Birthday Block Swap

I decided to sign up for this swap last month - hosted by Kate on The first birthday girl, Deb who lives in Ohio USA, requested pale stars on BOB (black on black) background. The pale blue star was my first attempt but I soon realised that I had problems - the middle square was cut on the bias not straight with the grain and some of the points were very near the edge. So I decided to start again and make the pale green and lavender star.
This one turned out well - if a little boring!
Anyway I decided I might as well finish the first one too - although it was a bit tight as I had only one FQ of the BOB! It turned out better than I expected although some of the seam allowances are not a quarter inch and the central square is stretchy. Anyhow I decided to send both to Deb and then she can choose which she likes best!
It has been much more difficult than I thought to make blocks for someone else - I always think mine are not good enough - hence why I ended up making two. Anyway as always this will be a good learning experience and hopefully I will make some more quilty friends along the way!!

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Lynda said...

I think making blocks for someome else is a good discipline - it makes you sharpen up a bit! Both blocks look great (and I agree with you that the pink one is less appealing!)