Thursday, 24 July 2008


Trying to get up to date with the City & Guilds samples so here is the next one. There should only be 8 samples per module but there were 9 in this one because of the two different methods of cathedral windows.
This sample is based on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. San Francisco is one of my favourite places and I am lucky to have visited there twice. This photo is not my own but I thought it was a really interesting view of the cables on the bridge and the ridges in the cables looked like bias strip piecing!
The next photo shows my collage (how my tutor loved collages!). The bridge is made with corrugated cardboard and the cables are made of rolled tissue paper which is then pulled out to give the desired effect. This was then stuck onto bright blue hand made paper to match the brilliant blue Californian sky.
Then we have my sample - the strip piecing is done onto a foundation of calico and we were told to use different fabrics which would not otherwise be stable enough to use in a quilt. I put in the black cross with fusible tape to give the effect of the 4 cables merging. The blue squares are my own hand dyed cotton and the sample is quilted by tying with thick black cotton perle.
This was one of my favourite samples out of this module - along with the rag rugging.

Just a quick note - I was having problems with the links in my previous post but they are all fixed now if you tried to use them before.

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