Sunday, 6 July 2008

The next 4 Dear Jane Blocks - Yes I am still in!

As some of you will know last month was very busy for me so progress on the DJ has been very slow. I am trying to now do 4 blocks per week rather than 2 and I have also decided not to do the triangles at the moment. I have been playing with my photo software and am not sure if these cropped photos are any better than usual but at least it gives you an idea of the blocks! B8 Waterlily
This is hand pieced which worked really well for me although I was not that pleased with the applique melons - I have had much better results with some of the previous blocks.

B5 Hot Cross Buns

Machine pieced with reverse applique - quite pleased with this one although it is difficult to get the points sharp on such small diamonds.

B7 World Series

Not that happy with this one especially the applique diamonds but have decided to live with it for now at least.

B6 Wild Goose Chase

My word - what an endurance test!! This took me hours! It was my first attempt at the freezer paper method of foundation piecing but I was really quite pleased with it.


Angela said...

Your blocks are all lovely. I really like the DJ quilts but the blocks all look rather too complicated for my limited piecing skills!

Anina said...

Marathon piecing! They are all lovely!