Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Time for a City & Guilds update. The first year of my four year course was completed on Saturday - all 5 modules are done and assessed. Phew! It is a great sense of achievement to know that you have completed the first part of a goal you have set yourself. And I have learned so much from the course. City & Guilds also led me to blogging and that has also improved my patchwork and quilting skills by the groups and swaps I have joined.
Anyway the task now is to complete the posting of all the 5 module samples before the course starts again in September.
This sample is my take on the traditional nine patch block. I used this photo as my inspiration as it included texture and was also a familiar everyday pattern found on floors.
My collage is made from crisp packets which have been ironed under baking parchment to make them go all crinkly. I cut them into squares and the black lines were done with very thick fabric paint.
For the sample I did what DH is always accusing me of - taking perfectly good fabric, cutting it into pieces and sewing it together! Yes this is all the same fabric! The black lines were applied again using fabric paint. The whole thing was then free machine quilted with a meandering line.
It gave the effect I was looking for but again is rather drab for my tastes!


Angela said...

congrats on finishing your first year, what a great achievement!

Stacy A. said...

Janet, another fascinating sample! Ok, so tall me about this coarse. It seems pretty intense. I love how it has you take elements from the work and interpret them in several mediums. I would love to do something like that. Congrats on finishing the first year. Now does it continue in the same manner or is each year different. I am very intrigued! Hope things are going well. Talk soon, Love Stacy

Stacy A. said...

Wow, I must be out of it, I spelled tons of words wrong. I meant to say world not work and tell not tall (lol) and course not coarse. I think that's it..sorry for the loopyness.