Monday, 15 August 2011

Festival of Quilts 2011 - some of the winners.

This morning I thought I would share some photos of some of the winning quilts from the festival.

This is the winner of the Group Quilt category - Mere Kats.

Click on the photos for more detail. Not sure about who made it as it does not appear to be in the catalogue(!). However it was much loved by all the visitors - it was very hard to get close to it!

Below is the winner of the Pictorial Quilts - Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga from the Netherlands. It is titled Hot Africa.

This is also Janneke's work - winner of the Art Quilt category and Best in Show. This quilt is titled Octopussy.

Below is the winner of the Contemporary Quilt category - made by Valerie Mullally from Ireland. It is titled 'Dear Jane. Its the 21st Century'. It is made from felted wool.

Below is the winner of the Miniature Quilt Category - made by Kumiko Fredyl from Texas USA. It is titled 'Blue like a Wedgwood.'
It is a wholecloth with trapunto and free motion quilting.

Below is just a section of the winner of the Traditional Quilts category. It was very difficult to get close to this and I was going to go back but forgot! It is made by Deborah Kemball from London. It is titled 'Heart's Desire'.

There were other winners in other categories but I'm afraid I don't have photos of those.
Of course I do have my favourite amongst these I have shown in the post - can you guess which one it is?
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Susan Briscoe said...

Thanks for those pics - I'll add a link straight to your post from my FoQ blogpost, as I didn't get many pics! Nice to see you again - we had a great time at the show this year, though unfortunately, a good show saleswise tends to equate to not seeing as much of the quilts as I would like (doesn't help being a long way back in the hall either!)

Clare said...

Love the Meerkat quilt!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Those meerkats made me laugh but I love the contemporary Jane quilt.