Wednesday 3 August 2011

Students' Summer Progress

My Tuesday Patchwork Classes are on summer break but that does not mean that the students are having a break from patchwork and quilting! While I have been away they have continued meeting on an informal basis and they are making some beautiful quilts.

Reena is ready to quilt this beautiful baby quilt which has lots of exquisite hand embroidery. This will be for a new baby in her family.

Liz is also making a baby quilt featuring the cutest applique sheep! I really love the borders too - tiny foundation pieced hearts and a lovely scrappy border made up of tiny squares. This will be going to a friend's new grandchild.

Kath had finished this very colourful string quilt which is going to become a charity quilt. It goes back to some of the first classes I did in 2010 when we started with string piecing. It was started by Anne and finished by Kath - a great collaboration!

This quilt top has been completed by Chris and the quilt will be for her beautiful new grandaughter Charlie who was born just a few weeks ago. The block is called California and was chosen because this is where Charlie was born. We were talking about names for the quilt - I suggested 'Born in California' but as I have been writing this I thought of 'California Girl'! I love to name my quilts and always think about names as I am sewing them.

This is Kath's Handbags quilt top - this is another of my class projects from 2010. I love the borders which remind me of bunting! This is a lovely quilt but browns are not Kath's usual colours - she loves bright colours like me.

This final quilt belongs to Peggy, she will be joining the classes in September. Peggy does a lot of hand applique and hand quilting and this is a lovely example of her work. She made it by the quilt as you go method so that it was easier to work on smaller sections.

Hope you enjoyed this little quilt show! We are looking forward to starting our classes in September when we will be making Civil War Quilts as 2011 is the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War.

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