Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Marina Mamonova - my favourite gallery at Festival of Quilts 2011

I have decided to do a couple more posts about the Festival of Quilts and then I will bring you up to speed with the sewing I am doing at the moment.
Every year I choose a favourite gallery and this year it had to be the quilts of Russian Quilter Marina Mamonova. I didn't think they would be my style as I usually am attracted by pieced quilts these days but as I started to view her small gallery I was totally amazed by them. One of the things about her exhibition was how different each quilt was and how texture played such an important part in her work.

I love her use of weaving in some of these quilts, and the wonderful texture she achieves. Lots of inspiration here.
I also loved the Japanese silk quilts but forgot to go back to take any photos of those quilts.
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Connie said...

Spectacular Quilts. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't get a chance to see them otherwise.

MariƩ du Toit said...

Thanks yes- it is lovely