Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Visit to the Hepworth Gallery Wakefield

My eldest son, Jonathan is home for the summer after completing his first year at University. We decided that it was time for a day out and the new Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield was our choice of destination. It opened in May and due to our travels we hadn't had chance to visit before today. It is dedicated to the work of the sculptor, Barbara Hepworth who was born in Wakefield.
Photos were allowed in a couple of the galleries so we made the most of the opportunity!

These are plaster casts of some of Hepworth's iconic sculptures.

This is Jonathan with Corinne, a friend from College who has been studying Fine Art in Brighton.

I can highly recommend the Hepworth Gallery for a visit, there's lots of sculpture (of course!) but also paintings on display. Ideally you should combine it with a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is even nearer to where we live.
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