Sunday, 3 February 2008

Quilts for Belarus

The group which I belong to which is actually an embroidery group makes quilts for children in Belarus. They live in the area of Belarus which was directly affected by the Chernobyl disaster. They live in very poor conditions and we hope to brighten the lives of some of them with these colourful quilts made by some of the members of my group.
They are to be taken to Belarus at Easter by a charity which is based in Leicestershire.
The photo below is a fantastic example of a scrap quilt - one of our members saves all the little pieces as long as they are one and a half inches wide and creates these really colourful quilts.

This next scrap quilt is done as a crazy patchwork which I also think works really well.

This jungle quilt uses a placemat as a centrepiece.

These are just 5 of the 30 quilts that we have packed up and ready to go to Belarus.

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