Thursday, 21 February 2008

What I have been doing while I should have been doing my C&G homework!

Remember when you were at school and you had loads of homework but you just couldn't get motivated? Well I've been having a few days like that. One of the things that I am doing a lot of at the moment is crochet - I love its soothing repition and it is also great for doing while watching the TV or even in bed!
This is what I have been making - having been inspired by the amigurumi craze which I have been reading about on lots of crochet blogs. He is a gift for my 13 year old son. DH and I are going on holiday without the kids in a couple of weeks, leaving him and his brother in the care of Grandma. I am making him a hamper of things for when we're away and this will be going in it. I am hoping that this will be the first of many 'little friends'.

On the subject of crochet I have been to Hobbycraft today and this wool is on sale at £1.35 for 50g. It is my favourite type of yarn - 100% cotton. I had to limit myself to just these two balls of black as I already have loads! They also had the 4ply version - really lovely stuff - get down to your local store and buy some!!The final picture shows the other thing have have made recently - it is a fabric roll for my crochet hooks. The idea came from as she has been making pencil rolls for gifts. Thanks Kate for the inspiration!

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