Sunday, 17 February 2008

Module 2 Colour - Sample 7 Intercut blocks.

This sample was made using cool colours and was made entirely using my hand dyed fabrics. The first photo shows my design source and artwork. I then used the painting to make a pattern which was transferred onto bondaweb. The idea was to make the picture using bondaweb and then to cut it into sections and use a piece of green fabric to represent weed and then give the intercut image. I was so upset to have 'lost' my fish when I cut him that I made another one, shown in the photo below!
The following two photos show the two intercut blocks. The joins have been zigzagged with a space dyed thread and then the whole block has been quilted with a wavy line design.

I can see how this technique could be used to great effect in quilts but I am not sure that I like my blocks - especially the one where the fish has no head!

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