Monday 4 February 2008

Module 2 Colour - Sample 5 Curved Piecing

I have never done curved piecing before and it has always looked so difficult that I always gave it a miss. We learned how to do pinless curved piecing which involves freezer paper and glue and does not involve any curved seams. It is an excellent technique which I am sure I will use again and again.

This first photo shows my artwork. My painting is a bit childish or should we say naive(?) but I was working to a very tight deadline at the time. I chose the mallard as the block is called flying duck ( although I suppose it should have been swimming duck!) I worked to a complementary colour scheme and although green and brown are not direct complementary colours it does work if you check it on the colour wheel.
The block is actually made up of 4 mini blocks which are surrounded by a black border. I will probably bind it when we 'do binding' later in the course. The blue/green fabric is actually a feather print which I thought would be fun to represent the birds. I made 4 circle blocks, two with a small brown circle in the centre, one with a small green circle and one with a larger green circle. Each circle was cut into 4 and then reassembled to make the finished block.
This photo shows a close up so you can see the quilting. It is machine quilted about quarter of an inch from the seam - I quilted around each of the 4 ducks to give them more definition.

I know that not everyone approves of cats but 'Patches' always likes to help with the samples. She is my constant companion and was named because of her markings and my love of patchwork. It is a coincidence that she finds patchwork and quilting so enjoyable. I will introduce my other cats another time - Gizmo my tom cat prefers crocheting!

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Angela said...

Patch is cute, my cats are always trying to help me out when I'm at my sewing machine :)