Saturday 19 July 2008

General update!

Can't believe that its almost two weeks since I last posted!
It seems to me that the more free time you have - the less you do!
My youngest finished school for the summer yesterday - so 6 weeks of hanging out with his friends begin for him! We are not going away as a family this summer as we have lots of weekend events going on. This weekend he is at the local music festival Bomfest and later in the summer he is hoping to go to Leeds Music Festival. This weekend Geoff and I are going to a car rally at Nostell Priory . We will be spending the night in the old VW camper!

Here at home the chickens are now free ranging in the bottom of our garden. They have only escaped into next doors garden once!
The first photo shows Patches after she has checked out the hen house! Cats and chickens are getting on fine - the cats love to sit and watch the chickens!

A couple of photos showing them in their new territory! They are getting very friendly - always come to see you when you go down the garden! They are also starting to sprout new feathers and laying one egg each per day! We have only named one so far - the largest chicken who can be a bit of a bully - she is named Maggie (after Maggie Thatcher!)

The last two photos are of our very small pond - we have two fish and loads of frogs!

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Stacy A. said...

You and me both with the accidental break girl! Sometimes time just flies and other things take our attention.

So Janet! How did I miss that you spent part of March in AZ, my homestead. In fact you may have even passed through my town, as you were very close. We are only an hour from the Chiricahua's. So nice to know someone else who has seen such a crazy place. I got lost in them once, thought I was going to die LOL. It would have been bad if we didn't get out before dark, but we lucked out. Safford, where I am from,is 2 hours East of Tuscon. It took me awhile once we moved there to appreciate the beauty of the desert, but it is a special place.

The chickens look great, enjoying their new freedom I am sure. How lovely to have fresh eggs daily. I kept forgetting to respond to your idea about a swap but that would be great if we can wait a month? I have tons of vintage fabric passed down from my grandma. No feed sacks but lots of other fun things that I would love to share. I am going up to New Hampshire next week for a few weeks to be at the lake with my inlaws. Their place is 15 min from this famous quilt shop, Keepsake quilting. MIL and I may take a class which would be fun. Once I get back from there sometime in middle August I am free for swapping :)

I bet you are enjoying your free time for a bit from your guild classes. So is it like a college degree in textiles you are working on? I heard someone else talk about it and that is kind of the impression I got. Hope your weekend has been nice. Talk to you soon, Love Stacy