Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Oatman, Arizona and into the desert

Today temperatures soared back into the 100s as we headed into the desert to visit the 'wild west' gold mining town of Oatman famous for its wild donkeys. If you have seen the movie 'The hills have eyes' - that sums up the terrain on the way to Oatman - disused mine shafts and abandoned villages.

This woman had brought carrots with her and was mobbed by the donkeys - one even tried to steal her bag!

At high noon they have a shoot out!

We went for a drink in the Oatman Hotel - the walls and ceiling are covered in dollar bills signed by their visitors.

Then we drove through the desert into California.

This is one of the very long trains that pass through this area.

We are now in Barstow, California - hoping to get to the Pacific Ocean tomorrow and so complete our Route 66 road trip!
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