Monday, 13 June 2011

Alberquerque and Gallup New Mexico

I haven't blogged for a couple of days as the internet at the last two motels we stayed at was rubbish. As we are here for a month we can't afford the top motels, we are using coupons, sometimes they are good and sometimes not so good! All part of the experience!
On Friday we were in Alberqueque and we visited the National Museum of Nuclear Science. As you can imagine this was Geoff's choice and although the subject matter is not of great interest to me it is a very good museum, well worth a visit.

These photos were taken at 9.30am - already very hot!

Inside in the entrance hall they have this really cool tiled floor which shows the periodic table.

After the museum we went antique shopping but not so good in Alberqueque - city prices I think! I did love this quilt hanging in the yard of one of the antique shops - it was actually in better shape than most of the ones for sale inside!

Then we drove to Gallup, New Mexico and stayed in the El Rancho Hotel, another iconic Route 66 hotel. In the morning we went to Earl's Restaurant for brunch. We discovered this place last time we visited in 2008. I love it! Not for the food, although that is good but because many of the Native American craftspeople have stalls outside the restaurant and they also bring their wares to the tables inside so you can buy from them. I had a lovely time talking to the jewelry makers, and bought a turquoise ring, necklace and lots of earrings.
I don't know that much about buying turquoise jewelry but it seems to me that I got the best prices by buying direct from the makers!

If you click on the photo you can see the stalls under the canopy. If you ever go to Gallup, you must visit Earl's (although they may only have the stalls on weekends).
Then we drove on into Arizona.
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