Sunday, 5 June 2011

Antique quilts in Missouri

Managed to visit quite a few antique malls today. I managed to buy a quilt, a quilt top and 4 feed sacks but all the photos below are of interesting quilts which I didn't buy.
This was a lovely dolls bunk bed with two star dolls quilts - $42.

A large tumbling blocks quilt with hexagons on the back!

Crazy crumb liberated quilt backed with an old curtain. Very nearly came home with me at $25 but just a bit too much damage and much too heavy.

Lovely feedsack Ohio star quilt top - $45 - but just a bit too much staining and damage. Very tempted though!

I made a friend in one of the antique malls!

Love this quilt block - I might have to copy it - this one was $100 - just a little too steep for me.

This quilt above was the star of the show - hand pieced and quilted cathedral windows - click on photo for a close up - with graduated shades of blue. Stunning, would love to own it - $745.

Lovely bright, tied quilt.

One of the malls showing all the booths, taken from the first floor.

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Susan Briscoe said...

Wow, a treasure trove there! Love that liberated crumb quilt. What a shame it's too heavy to bring back. So wonderful to see inspiring things on your travels, but frustrating that you can't bring them home.

Loving the photos. :-)