Saturday, 25 April 2009

Paducah - Quilt City USA!

We have spent a lovely warm sunny day in Paducah today. It really is Quilt City USA. There are quilters everywhere and the atmosphere is great. There are loads of nice restaurants, quilt shops and antique shops. I even bought some vintage fabric items today including a dress made out of printed feedsack fabric.
This giant cow was outside one of the shops!
This is the inside of Hancocks of Paducah - it is more of a warehouse than a quilt shop!
This is Eleanor Burns' shop.
We also visited the National Quilt Museum which has loads of previous Best of Show winners including Flower Power by Philippa Naylor and two quilts by Sharon Schamber which were stunning.
After dinner we went to see Ricky Tims with 3000 other quilters - which was quite an experience , especially for Geoff, probably the only non-quilter in the audience! Posted by Picasa


Jude said...

Wish I could be transported there now!!

Jocelyn said...

snif, snif...... wish I could be there. Went last year for the first time, and we had reservations for this year but had to cancel because of a family health crisis. Have fun, and don't buy up all the fabric.