Saturday, 16 February 2008

BQL February Bag Completed

The February bag is now completed and I am so pleased with it!
This first photo shows Patches making sure the mice do not escape! There are 5 mice on one side and 4 on the other. All the tails are crocheted and then stitched onto the bag along with the mice. I then randomly quilted the bag in a swirly pattern.

So what a great day it has been! The photo below shows fabric I received from Brenda this morning, in a black and white swap.
I also attended Doughty's roadshow in Huddersfield this morning and bought 11 metres of Rowan fabric for £3 a metre. I have a very large collection of Rowan fabric following an irresistible sale on at Christmas!

And last but not least my sewing this afternoon has been accompanied by DH shouting as he watched the football on the internet - Barnsley has beaten Liverpool in the FA cup!

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Angela said...

I love your bag Janet, it's so much fun!