Friday 15 February 2008

BQL February Bag

After spending most of last night working on my Feb bag I thought I would share my progress. Most of what I did last night was unpicking - although I did get some inspiration this morning. Which of course we all know - if things are not working out when you are sewing late at night, leave it, go to bed and you will probably have it figured out by the morning.
Anyway I had already decided I wanted to use this orange and black cat fabric for my bag. I also decided to adapt the hearts and make them into mice, this I managed without much problem. Last night it was the tails that I was working on. I tried the bobbin method as suggested with a thick gold thread and then a thick black thread - both were not heavy enough for the mouse tails - hence all the unpicking.
When I woke this morning the solution came to me - and it seems to have worked very well. I took the thick gold thread and crocheted a tail by combining it with black cotton knitting yarn. I am really pleased with this result. I am going to use gold sequins for eyes and then I am going to stitch the mice onto the bag with either orange or black top stitching. Can't decide which looks best so if anyone is reading this out in blogland - what do you think? - outline mice in black or orange?

Well I'm off now to crochet more tails!!


Marian said...

What a wonderful idea making the mice. I think your bag is looking great. Well done. It is inspiring me to get going on mine. Marian

Janet said...

Thanks Marian - are you too a BQL member? I have finished the tails - they are all sewn on and the back and front have been quilted. Just need to put it together now.
Thanks for visiting your blog - I will be reading yours from now on. I don't suppose you know Lilian Hedley?

Janet said...
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