Monday 25 February 2008

Module 2 Colour - Resolved Piece - Accent Colours

The resolved piece comes at the end of each module. It is art work only which shows how you have used a design to produce your own artwork. I need to then extend this to show how the design can be used to make a quilt which is not necessary but I find that it helps me to justify the artwork. The theme for the resolved piece was accent colours and we had to continue the theme of looking at creatures in the natural world. We also had to look at complementary colours and this made me think of colourful tropical fish. I found this photo on the internet to use. The first piece of artwork is a painting of my interpretation of the photo. I then looked at sponging a blue / purple background, intentionally ignoring the green weed in the photo. I stylised the fish into two yellow triangles and made the fish smaller.
This then led to the quilt design based on triangles with the yellow fish scattered around. I think that it would be fun to piece even though it is all triangles! I would use lots of different patterned background fabrics to give the effect of the undersea landscape.
I am now working on Module 3 which is texture and hope to share some of those samples with you soon. I suppose the only frustrating thing at this stage of my course is that I don't have time to dwell on techniques that I have enjoyed and do more but there will be time for that next year.

In the meantime I have signed up for the Dear Baby Jane Challenge
which is something I have wanted to do for a while and I think that working out some of the more complicated blocks will be a good learning experience.

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Anina said...

Oh how cool! I wish I could design quilts. I seem to just be good at following other people's designs.